CCCA Construction Contract Administration Master Courses (Included In The LMS)

FIDIC 2017 & 1999: Varied Rate: Sub-Clauses 12.3 a & b (iii)*

Change In Unit Cost > 1%: Sub-Clauses 12.3 a & b (iii): Evaluation Of A New Rate: Excel Master Workshop

Probably The Only Practical, Excel Based Workshop Training In The World On How To Identify And Evaluate A New Rate Based On Sub-Clauses 12.3 b(iii) and 12.3 a (iii)!

This Intensive Workshop Oriented Master Course Was Created Due To Countless Requests From Students

* Included in the LMS – construction claims courses – (CCCA Programme)

Master Workshop: FIDIC 2017 & 1999 (RED BOOK)

Practical Workshop In Excel: Evaluation Of A New Rate Under Sub-Clauses 12.3 b (iii) & 12.3 a (iii)

(Change In Unit Cost Of An Item By More Than 1%)

A Workshop Based, Intensive Tutorial Which Includes: (1) Contractual Analysis (2) Practical Examples And (3) Excel Workshop Spreadsheets

Successful Amendment Of A BoQ Rate, Pursuant To Sub-Clauses 12.3 b(iii) or 12.3 a (iii), Is A Formidable Achievement.

construction claims courses
construction claims courses

Course Content

In This Master Course, N.M. Raj Will Train Attendees On How To Analyse Site Records And Prepare Pertinent Calculations With A View To Identifying Operations Which Could Be Subject To FIDIC’s “BoQ Rerating Procedure” i.e. Change The Agreed BoQ Rate.

Quantity Surveyors, Contract Administrators, Cost Engineers, Lawyers & All Other Professionals Involved In Managing and Administering Contracts On Behalf Of Employers/Contractors/Sub-Contractors Will Significantly Benefit From This Master Course.


Introduction: An introduction to Sub-Clause 12.3 (Evaluation/Valuation of The Works)

What Does “Cost Per Unit Quantity Of An Item” Really Mean?  Understanding the rationale associated with Sub-Clauses 12.3 b (iii) or 12.3 a (iii)

BoQ Unit Cost v Actual Unit Cost: A review of the logic associated with comparing the Contractor’s BoQ Rate and actual costs

“Establishing Entitlement”: Workshop 1: A comprehensive Excel based workshop on the following:

I.  Elemental breakdown and analysis of BoQ Rates (Labour, Plant & Material)

II.  Analyse and particularise Actual costs (Labour, Plant & Material)

III. Logically comparing BoQ & Actual Costs followed by preparing an argument for revaluation of said BoQ rate

construction claims courses
construction claims courses


Workshop 2: Assignment: Analyse the case study and ascertain whether the Contractor is entitled to have a BoQ item rerated

Workshop 3: Assignment: Analyse a more complex case study and ascertain whether the Contractor is entitled to have a BoQ item rerated

Case Studies:  Real-World examples are discussed where rerating of BoQ items is applicable

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