Online Master Course in FIDIC Contract Administration

Online MC in FIDIC Contract Administration

MC in FIDIC Contract Administration was created specifically for construction lawyers, quantity surveyors, cost engineers, contract administrators, consultants and engineers.

This Master Course is presented by N.M.Raj and contains several hours of High Definition video tutorials covering 25 Modules (Standard Edition) or 27 Modules (Legal Edition) which addresses all major topics related to Contract Administration of the FIDIC Red Book (1999 Edition).

Intensive Programme

This Master Course is an intensive programme filled with practical examples which will enable students to comprehensively understand all major aspects related to contract administration & management of construction projects that are based on the FIDIC Red Book (1999 Edition).
N.M.Raj's Master Course in FIDIC Contract Administration
N.M.Raj's Master Course in FIDIC Contract Administration (Red Book 1999)

Critical Subjects Covered Include:

  • Interpretation of Major FIDIC Clauses with Case Studies, Workshops and case law references.
  • How to successfully challenge the Sub-clause 20.1 “28 Day” Time-bar! (Updated Methods with Reference to a Key Case Law).
  • Unforeseeable Physical Conditions – A detailed contractual interpretation and key points to note (With a Practical Case Study)
  • A contractual analysis of The Complex Relationship Between Time for Completion, Rate of Progress and Programme.
  • Key points to note while submitting contractual notifications – some issues require more than 1 contractual notice.
  • Ambiguity/discrepancy/contradiction between contract documents – How to contractually address these issues (with case studies).

Critical Subjects Covered Include (continued):

  • Difference between “design drawings” & “workshop drawings”?

  • Dealing with “Variations” and the right method to carry out a “Pro-Rata” exercise (With Workshops).

  • The correct contractual procedure to adopt if an Engineer gives an instruction under Sub-Clause 8.6 (To expedite the progress of Works) even though the Contractor was not responsible for any delays.

  • Understanding the difference between submitting a notice for “likely delay” and “actual delay”.

  • An interpretation of the “reasonable period” available to the Engineer for reviewing a Sub-Clause 1.9 notification issued by the Contractor.

  • A discussion about the only possible way for a FIDIC Engineer to alter the Contractor’s Sub-Clause 8.3Programme.

Online Course in FIDIC Contract Administration (Red Book'99)
Course in FIDIC Contract Administration

Critical Subjects Covered Include (continued):

  • Sub-Clause 8.3 Programme – Does the Contractor need the Engineer’s “approval” or “consent”?

  • Head Office Overheads Costs – Is it claimable under the FIDIC Red Book (1999 Edition)? Contractual/legal arguments related to this claim heading (With Workshops and case law reference).

  • Difference between Normal and “Fit for Purpose” Obligations.

  • Standard Methods of Measurement: SMM7, NRM, POMI & CESMM3.

  • Critical issues related to Termination & Suspension of the Works.

  • Construction Claims, DAB & Arbitration.

  • The correct procedure to adopt in order to oblige an Employer to pay amounts due from a DAB award even though the Employer has submitted a Notice of Dissatisfaction (With Case Law reference).

Critical Subjects Covered Include (continued):

  • “Weather” Claims:   What is the difference between adverse weather and unforeseeable forces of nature? An analysis of the varied burden of proof attached to both issues and how to successfully prove your claim.

  • Dayworks – Tactics used to reduce payment from signed daywork sheets and how to avoid them.

  • Key errors to avoid while drafting contracts.

  • A practical guide to drafting the “Perfect Contractual Notification” – plus a pdf sample / template (Legal Edition ONLY)

  • FIDIC Table of Clauses for Claims – Red Book Only (MS Excel file).

  • And many more… 25 modules filled with HD video tutorials, case studies and Workshops.

Additional Content

The “Legal Edition” Of This Master Course Contains All Content From The “Standard Edition” (25 Modules) Plus The Following Additional HD Video Tutorials:

  • 2 hours of HD video tutorials with webcam and slides:
    Construction Claims Webinar – Presented For FIDIC’s Young Professionals Programme – 1hrs30min recordings”
  • Webinar: “Breaking Bad! How to challenge the Sub-Clause 20.1 “28 day” Time-bar! (updated methods)”

Legal Disclaimer:

FIDIC is the only Copyright owner of FIDIC publications. Copyright © 2014 FIDIC, World Trade Center II, 29 route de Prés-Bois, Geneva Airport, CH-1215. Geneva, Switzerland (All rights reserved). This Master Course is an objective, unbiased and independent review, critique and analysis of the FIDIC Red Book for educational/teaching purposes and complies with the requirements of “fair use” and other pertinent international copyright laws.
This course is not affiliated with the FIDIC organisation.