pricing EOT claims

N.M.Raj's Nano Master Course - Construction Claims: Pricing Extension of Time Claims: Vol 1

This course provides professional training on the preparation of Quantum calculations for Extension of Time claims (pricing EOT claims).

This Nano Master Course is an excerpt from N.M.Raj’s Advanced Master Course in Construction Claims.

This Nano Master Course on pricing EOT Claims is a practical, workshop based intensive tutorial, which will look at all key aspects related to EOT claims.

This course will also serve as a comprehensive and practical resource centre for professionals who are looking for templates in Excel and Word to create EOT claims.

Course Content: 10 modules, over 1.5 hours of HD videos, 17 workshops

Key Course Information:

  • Step by step explanations on how to price key extension of time claim headings
  • There are over 17 Excel based workshops on EOT claims, which will cover all key aspects related to EOT claims
  • N.M.Raj will provide you with the exact same Excel templates he uses to price prolongation costs and submit claims quantum calculations for his clients
  • He will also carry out an in in-depth review and analysis of relevant case law from around the world. This could be used to provide judicial backup for your claim headings during dispute resolution
  • This course includes a full MS word sample template of an extension of time claim. You could use this template as a prototype or source document to create EOT claims on your project
  • Finally, N.M.Raj will provide you with key advice on how to avoid critical errors which may seriously jeopardise your EOT claim
Nano Master Course - pricing EOT claims

Who is this course for and why do you need it?

This course is essential for all construction professionals who are interested in learning how to carry prepare quantum calculations for EOT cl.aims, in other words, a detailed assessment of prolongation costs and associated claim headings.

On completion of this Master Course, you will take a major step towards becoming a claims quantum consultant and, as you are probably aware, this is a very lucrative career.

Top construction companies and consultancies are always on the lookout for professionals with claims expertise.

As a claims quantum expert, you have the potential to work around the world and earn salaries anywhere from 20 to 50 thousand dollars, a month…tax-free in some countries


This Master Course will provide you with the knowledge, expertise and practical tools to prepare quantum calculations for Extension of Time Claims (pricing EOT claims).

So, please review the course curriculum, watch the sample videos and challenge yourself to make a decision that will positively disrupt your life and elevate your career to a whole new level.