“A Quick Guide To Construction Claims” – eBook – 2023 Limited Edition – N.M.Raj

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2023 Limited Edition of the bestselling eBook “A Quick Guide to Construction Claims” by N.M.Raj.



This book is very concise and designed to give busy construction/real estate professionals (including lawyers operating in the construction industry) exactly what the title suggests – a quick reference guide to construction claims.

This guide can be read in just about twenty minutes; say, before an important claims meeting, prior to submitting a claim or while preparing a defence against one.

The information contained herein is invaluable for professionals who work with various standard forms of construction contracts (including FIDIC).



Topics covered:

1. Construction claims – Definition and causes
2. What is the difference between a claim and a variation/change order?
3. What are the different types of claims?
4. What are the various types of events that lead to claims?
5. Delay analysis – An introduction to methodologies used to prove extension of time claims
6. Claims based on a “cause and effect” analysis versus a global claim
7. Claims from the Employer
8. Does the deletion of claims clauses from contracts prevent construction claims?
9. Common contractual issues related to construction claims
a. Time-barring clauses
b. Time at large
c. Prevention principle
10. Important items to check and questions to ask when you receive a claim
11. Advice on how to become a construction claims consultant




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This ebook runs on MS Excel and WINDOWS, please note the following:

1. To minimise issues related to piracy, the pages included in this ebook are image files and cannot be edited.

2. This ebook is locked to one laptop or PC; WINDOWS OS is required to use this ebook.

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