Terms and Conditions

.ouBy registering for the SCCSI qualification programme, you accept the terms and conditions detailed below.

I. To commence your CCCS/CCCA/CCDA qualification programme, please follow these steps:

    Step 1: Payment – Please click on “ADD TO CART” and process the payment

    Step 2: Undergo Structured LMS Based Training

  1. After your payment is processed, you will be provided with access (for 12 months) to our state of the art Learning Management System.
  2. You will be required to complete all training modules in a logical and systematic manner; your progress will be monitored.
  3. On completion of the modules, please send an email to office [at] sccsinternational [dot] org to set a date for the exam.
  4. Based on your existing expertise, experience and availability of time, you should be ready for the CCCS/CCCA/CCDA exams within 1-12 months.
  5. No Downloadable Notes: Per SCCSI’s policy, there are no downloadable PowerPoint/pdf slides or notes because (1) The data is taken from various sources and it would be impractical to do it and (2) to minimise issues related to piracy.
  6. Account sharing, for any reason, will result in the termination of your account and you will be permanently barred from all SCCSI programmes / courses / events. Additionally, you will not be given a refund for losing access to the content.
    7. LMS access is monitored by our IT team (including, but not limited to, IP checks) and any suspicious activity will result in account termination.

    Step 3: Online CCCS/CCCA/CCDA Exams (Proctored Live) 

The CCCS/CCCA/CCDA exams are comprised of multiple-choice questions and will be held online via our partner’s proprietary certification platform. You can sit for the exam at a location of your choice (private/quiet/well-lit). All you need is a laptop (with a webcam, good microphone and speakers) and ETHERNET cable connection to the Internet is required (not WIFI) to conduct the exam. Minimum speed requirement:

15Mbps (Download) and 10Mbps (upload) speeds

(For more information, please review  “The CCCS/CCCA/CCDA Online Exams” )

The CCCS/CCCA/CCDA certification exams are monitored live (via webcam) by a professional proctor. Your ID will be checked and the exam will be recorded/scrutinised in order to ensure due compliance with international standards.

The CCCS/CCCA/CCDA certification are closed-book exams.

On passing the CCCS/CCCA/CCDA exams, students will be entitled to use the appropriate post-nominal title after their name.*

*subject to SCCSI Code of Ethics, Bye-laws and T&C.

II. CCCS/CCCA/CCDA Online Exams (Proctored Live): Key Points To Note

On completion of the LMS based structured training programme, students are eligible to appear for the CCCS/CCCA/CCDA online exams. Please note the following key points:

  • The CCCS/CCCA/CCDA exams are held online with live proctoring; the student should have access to a laptop (with a webcam and good microphone) and the Internet (Ethernet Connection not Wifi).
  • The student can appear for the exam at a location of their choice. Please note that the room should be private, quiet and well-lit.
  • The registration fee includes the CCCS/CCCA/CCDA online examination fee (one attempt per specialism).
  • If a student fails the CCCS/CCCA/CCDA exam and wishes to retake it, an additional fee of £99/exam would become due.
  • The student should log in to the examination platform 20min before the CCCS/CCCA/CCDA exam is due to commence. This period is required for the online proctor to validate the student’s identification (National ID, Driver’s Licence or Passport) and complete system checks.
  • The CCCS/CCCA/CCDA exam is based on a closed-book assessment and students are not allowed to access any additional material.
  • Students are not allowed to surf the Internet or have access to any other electronic devices and/or other documents.

IMPORTANT: We place a strong emphasis on protecting the integrity and credibility of the CCCS/CCCA/CCDA exams. The CCCS/CCCA/CCDA online exams are proctored live, the computer screen is recorded and advanced/continuous A.I. scanning of the student is carried out to ensure that no external assistance is solicited or givenBased on the proctor’s final assessment (including a post-exam review of the screen recording), if cheating is suspected, the exam will be cancelled and the student will be permanently barred from taking future exams. Additionally, the student’s SCCSI membership will be revoked, the CCCS/CCCA/CCDA examination fees will not be refunded and LMS access will be cancelled.

III. Fees:

  • Registration Fee: This fee is non-refundable.
  • No-Show Fee: If the student fails to appear for the online CCCS/CCCA/CCDA exam (at the designated time), a no-show fee of £50 will be charged and if the student wishes to re-sit the exam at a later date, an additional fee of £99 will become due.
  • Deferral Fee: After a designated date/time has been set, if the student wishes to postpone the exam to a later date, he/she should send an email to office [at] sccsinternational [dot] org at least 10 working days before the designated date. If this is not done and the student wishes to change the examination date/time, an additional fee of £99 would become due.
  • Resit Fee: If the student fails the exam and wishes to retake it, an additional fee of £99 per exam would become due.
  • Appeal Fee: If the student wishes to make an appeal against the outcome of a CCCS/CCCA/CCDA exam, an administrative fee of £199 per exam would become due. This fee will be returned to the student if the appeal is upheld.