TIME SLICE WINDOWS ANALYSIS METHOD (SCL Protocol And AACE MIP 3.4) – This Delay Analysis Technique Strikes Fear And Confusion, In Equal Measure, Into The Hearts Of Professionals Dealing With Construction Claims!

The Time Slice Windows Analysis Method Is One Of The “Most Preferred Techniques” To Prove Extension Of Time Claims.  

About the course

This Master Course will give you a holistic view and detailed practical knowledge about the Time Slice Windows Analysis Method which would enable you to prove Extension Of Time claims.

 Unlike other training courses, your valuable time will not be wasted on “theory heavy” delay analysis subjects, which you can read on the SCL and AACE websites. The primary focus of this “workshop oriented” Master Course is to transfer practical knowledge which will significantly enhance your delay analysis knowledge and professional skill set.

Time Slice Windows Analysis is not a methodology which can be effectively taught in 5 minutes, it is a relatively complex technique.  Therefore, over 40 minutes is dedicated to a detailed step-by-step demonstration of this technique in Primavera P6 on a real-world building project.

The key topics covered in this Master Course

  • Instructions For Downloading And Installing Primavera P6 (V17)
  • Delay Logic And Rationale Associated With Time Slice Windows Analysis Method
  • Time Slice Delay Analysis: 11 Steps To Follow
  • Real-World, In-Depth Workshop – Ca. 40min Step By Step Demonstration Of Time Slice Windows Analysis in Primavera (P6) For A Building Project
  • Comprehensive Delay Analysis Table In MS Excel That Can Be Used On Your Project
  • Concurrent Delays  
  • Case Law Analysis
  • Alternative Method To Determine “Windows” For Time Slice Analysis

Who is it for?

This course is essential for all construction professionals who are interested in learning how to carry out a Time Slice Windows Analysis in order to prove extension of time claims.

You could be an engineer who wants a step-by-step demonstration or a construction lawyer who would like to have a big picture understanding of this specialist topic; either way, this is the course for you.

One important thing to remember is that, as a construction professional, you can no longer afford to be complacent. You need to diversify your professional skillset in order to compete with a new generation of professionals who can work as a claims consultant, delay analyst, Project manager, a commercial manager or Project QS.

On completion of this Master Course, you will take a major step towards becoming a delay analyst and, as you are probably aware, this is a very lucrative career. Delay analysts are high value targets and are regularly head-hunted by top construction companies and consultancies.

As a delay analyst, you have the potential to work across the globe and earn salaries anywhere from 20 to 40 thousand dollars, a month…tax-free in some countries. This Master Course will provide you with the knowledge, expertise and practical tools to carry out a Time Slice Windows Analysis of construction programmes in order to prove extension of time claims.   

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