Step 1: Learning Management System (LMS)

As a SCCSI member, you have access to our cutting-edge Learning Management System (LMS) which will train you on all aspects related to Construction Claims, Delay Analysis and Contract Administration. Our LMS uses the latest technology and enables you to complete your training efficiently. It is mandatory to go through the LMS training; on completion of the structured/modular programme, you will be primed and ready to take the CCCS/CCDA/CCCA* proctored exam(s) which will be held online.

* Certified Construction Claims SpecialistCertified Construction Delay Analyst / Certified Construction Contract Administrator

Step 2: Online Exam (With Live Proctoring)

The closed-book CCCS/CCDA/CCCA* exam(s) is comprised of multiple-choice questions related to quantification and contractual/legal analysis of construction claims/delays. In order to simulate a real-world scenario, candidates will have access to spreadsheets and programmes from the LMS training modules. This would enable candidates to carry out quantum calculations in an expeditious manner. The online exam is invigilated live by a professional proctor.

* Certified Construction Claims SpecialistCertified Construction Delay Analyst / Certified Construction Contract Administrator

Step 3: Become CCCS/CCDA/CCCA Certified

On passing the online exam(s), you will be entitled to use the post-nominal initials CCCS/CCDA/CCCA after your name, a true mark of excellence and advanced expertise. The CCCS/CCDA/CCCA credential will significantly augment your career prospects and enhance your earning potential. You will be able to work anywhere in the world as a Quantum Claims Specialist, Delay Analyst or Contract Administrator. The CCCS/CCDA/CCCA credential(s) gives you a competitive edge over other professionals.

*Certified Construction Claims Specialist / Certified Construction Delay Analyst / Certified Construction Contract Administrator

Certified Construction Claims Specialist

Benefits Of The “CCCS/CCDA/CCCA” Credential(s): For Employers

It is critical for Employers to gauge the expertise and skill set of potential employees who will be hired to prepare construction claims/delay analysis and/or professionally administer construction contracts like FIDIC/NEC/JCT et al. Academic qualifications and association memberships do not equip professionals with the requisite skills to carry out these complex duties.

A professional with a Certified Construction Claims Specialist / Certified Construction Delay Analyst / Certified Construction Contract Administrator qualification(s) has undergone a structured, modular Learning Management System based training (LMS) on all aspects related to (1) competently administering construction contracts and (2) the identification, preparation and practical management of construction claims and/or delay analysis.

All CCCS/CCDA/CCCA professionals have passed a rigorous exam (proctored live online by professionals) which validated their proficiency as a quantum claims specialist, delay analyst and/or contract administrator.

CCCS/CCDA/CCCA professionals possess a unique set of skills to prepare/manage claims, delay analysis and/or administer contracts with access to current case law, advanced quantum spreadsheets, templates, documents related to the practical preparation of claims.

CCCS/CCDA/CCCA professionals have full access to N.M.Raj’s proprietary Construction Claims Management System (CCMS) and are qualified to set up and operate this system on construction projects. With a CCCS/CCDA/CCCA professional managing your projects, you can rest easy; you are in good hands.

Benefits Of The “CCCS/CCDA/CCCA” Credential(s): For Professionals

As a construction professional, it has become increasingly difficult to differentiate yourself from the competition. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that most construction professionals include “construction claims, delay analysis and contract administration expertise” as part of their qualifications and skill set. The  CCCS/CCDA/CCCA credential(s) demonstrates that you have the required skills to prepare/manage construction claims and delay analysis. In other words, the CCCS/CCDA/CCCA qualification(s) validates your expertise. 

The following are some of the benefits associated with a CCCS/CCDA/CCCA credential(s):

  • You could significantly increase your salary and boost your career prospects; construction firms are always on the lookout for professionals who have construction claims and delay analysis expertise.
  • Your opportunities for an international career are enhanced; the skills and knowledge required to prepare, analyse and manage construction claims and delay analysis are the same across the globe.
  • The CCCS/CCDA/CCCA post-nominal letters highlight your specialist knowledge; earn the respect of your peers and colleagues.
  • With a CCCS/CCDA/CCCA qualification(s), you can be assured that your expertise is equal to or better than any other claims specialist in the world.


Conferences and Training on Construction Claims and Construction Delay Analysis, featuring world-famous experts:

Justice Sir Robert Akenhead


Tony Bingham

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