Master Foundation Course in Construction Claims

£ 9.99


If you are still in two minds about becoming a Certified Claims Specialist/Delay Analyst/Contract Administrator, try the Foundation course in order to gauge the quality of training offered. You will also be able to explore the functionalities of our LMS platform, which is used for the delivery of the CCCS/CCCA/CCDA certification programmes. Once you enrol for the course, the administrator will create a student account for you and you will receive your login details within 1-24hrs.

Take the Foundation course for just £9.99 and if you join the CCCS/CCCA/CCDA programme we will refund this fee to you.

Please note that the Master Foundation Course in Construction Claims is an introductory course which is included in all our certification programmes. It is designed to give students from all backgrounds (engineers/lawyers/contract administrators) a basic understanding of the technical and contractual rationale associated with construction claims.

This introductory course is practical and workshop orientated; it contains 3 workshops on construction claims.

Topics covered:
1. The various types of construction claims.
2. Classification and analysis of various types of delays.
3. The difference between a cause and effect analysis based claim versus a global claim.
4. A quick review of the most common delay analysis methodologies used to assess extension of time claims.
5. How to deal with concurrent delays.
6. Critical risks associated with pacing delays.
7. Introduction to disruption and acceleration claims.
8. Construction claims – a strategic perspective.

Also, please note that this course refers to clauses from the FIDIC forms of Contract; however, this doesn’t matter because the overall logic associated with claims would, in general, apply equally to all standard forms of contract i.e., on a mutatis mutandis basis.

Course Outcome

By the end of this course, you will have a firm foundation in construction claims and, if you wish, be ready to take the next step towards becoming a construction claims consultant. Of course, you will not become a claims specialist by just taking this course, this will require you to gain practical experience on projects, however, you will gain adequate knowledge to confidently sit in a room with claims specialists, construction lawyers and positively contribute to claims related issues on your project.