Online Master Course In Construction Delay Analysis Methodologies With Asta Powerproject

About the Course

A practical, workshop based, intensive course which will explain, step by step, all major delay analyses (including Time Impact Analysis)

This intensive and practical Master Course consists of 16 Modules (Standard Edition)/ 18 Modules (Legal Edition) comprised mainly of workshops on delay analysis methodologies in Asta Powerproject

Topics Covered


  • Introduction To Asta Powerproject: For students who are new to Asta Powerproject, links to video tutorials will be provided
  • Logic Links & Constraints: Key advice is given on how to ensure that these issues do not affect your delay analysis
  • Fragnets & “Bar-Splitting”: These topics are covered in detail and form the basis of all delay analysis methodologies
  • Delay Analysis: An explanation of all major delay analysis methodologies is provided followed by a step by step demonstration of the same in Asta Powerproject
  • Time Impact Analysis: This methodology is covered in detail via a comprehensive video tutorial

Topics Covered (continued)

  • Key Errors to Avoid: It is possible to make errors which will result in your delay analysis being rejected; guidance is given on key issues to be aware of whilst preparing/submitting a delay analysis
  • Customization And Coding: Detailed explanation on how to customize Asta Powerproject for Delay Analysis and how to code delay events for easy access/review
  • Concurrent Delay: This complex issue is addressed in detail with a (1) Theoretical explanation (2) Demo in Asta Powerproject and (3) Reference(s) to case law
  • Contemporary Records & Strategies: A key presentation on these topics which could prove extremely useful for delay analysts

Legal Edition: Additional Content

Legal Edition contains all modules from the Standard Edition plus additional materials:

  • 45 min HD video tutorial (with a face camera): Prospective v Retrospective Programme/Schedule Delay Analysis: A Practical/Contractual/Legal Review With a Workshop Demonstration in Primavera P6 (FIDIC, NEC and other forms of Contract)
  • Slides from the above webinar
  • Over 2h HD video tutorial – “Extension Of Time Claims under FIDIC – their mysteries unravelled” – N.M.Raj’s seminar presented for FIDIC
  • Slides from the above webinar
  • Workshop files from the above webinar
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