Online Master Course In Construction Delay Analysis Methodologies With Asta Powerproject

About the Course

A practical, workshop based, intensive course which will explain, step by step, all major delay analyses (including Time Impact Analysis)

This intensive and practical Master Course consists of 16 Modules comprised mainly of workshops on delay analysis methodologies in Asta Powerproject

Topics Covered


  • Introduction To Asta Powerproject: For students who are new to Asta Powerproject, links to video tutorials will be provided
  • Logic Links & Constraints: Key advice is given on how to ensure that these issues do not affect your delay analysis
  • Fragnets & “Bar-Splitting”: These topics are covered in detail and form the basis of all delay analysis methodologies
  • Delay Analysis: An explanation of all major delay analysis methodologies is provided followed by a step by step demonstration of the same in Asta Powerproject
  • Time Impact Analysis: This methodology is covered in detail via a comprehensive video tutorial

Topics Covered (continued)

  • Key Errors to Avoid: It is possible to make errors which will result in your delay analysis being rejected; guidance is given on key issues to be aware of whilst preparing/submitting a delay analysis
  • Customization And Coding: Detailed explanation on how to customize Asta Powerproject for Delay Analysis and how to code delay events for easy access/review
  • Concurrent Delay: This complex issue is addressed in detail with a (1) Theoretical explanation (2) Demo in Asta Powerproject and (3) Reference(s) to case law
  • Contemporary Records & Strategies: A key presentation on these topics which could prove extremely useful for delay analysts

Additional Content

  • 45 min HD video tutorial (with a face camera): Prospective v Retrospective Programme/Schedule Delay Analysis: A Practical/Contractual/Legal Review With a Workshop Demonstration in Primavera P6 (FIDIC, NEC and other forms of Contract)
  • Slides from the above webinar
  • Over 2h HD video tutorial – “Extension Of Time Claims under FIDIC – their mysteries unravelled” – N.M.Raj’s seminar presented for FIDIC
  • Slides from the above webinar
  • Workshop files from the above webinar
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