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CCAPro v1.0

Construction Contract Administration Professional (CCAPro) - FIDIC Red Book 1999 Edition


CCAPro* contains the following:


(1) 86 detailed sample contractual letters and 37 notifications of claim,

(2) 162 contractual guidelines related to the Contractor’s duties, rights and obligations,

(3) Critical information about the obligatory time frame(s) by when a contractual notification(s) should be sent


*The governing law of the Contract may affect the legal validity of the general terms and conditions; therefore, you should consult a lawyer prior to using the sample contractual notifications included in CCAPro. For example, liabilities associated with concurrent delays are interpreted differently in various countries/jurisdictions.


Contract administration and, in particular, drafting of contractual notifications for the FIDIC forms of Contract are critical functions on all projects. There are several key contractual and procedural issues to be aware of while preparing said notifications. Some Sub-Clauses require more than one notification while others oblige the Contractor to perform certain key actions in order to ensure that their contractual entitlements are not prejudiced in any manner.


CCAPro contains detailed sample letters for all contractual notifications related to the FIDIC Red Book (1999 edition). These letters provide step by step instructions on how to draft contractually/legally compliant notifications.


CCAPro also provides comprehensive instructions on how to ensure that the Contractor’s contractual entitlements are protected. For example, if there is a delay/disruption event, and a notice of claim has to be submitted, CCAPro provides information about:


(1) Critical contractual issues to be cognisant of and actions that should be taken prior to submitting the notice or contractual letter,

(2) The date by when the notice should be issued,

(3) The relevant contractual clauses that should be referred to and, finally,

(4) A detailed sample/model letter which could be used as a template to create the pertinent contractual notification.


CCAPro is an excellent guide for professionals who are not familiar with preparing contractual letters.


For experienced professionals, CCAPro is a perfect aide-mémoire which would assist in ensuring that errors are not made while drafting critical contractual notifications.


To conclude, CCAPro makes it simpler for construction professionals to fulfil their contract administration duties with due diligence.


Note – Sample Letters: The text in “Red” or “Italics” are for (1) the insertion of project specific data (2) comments for information or (3) optional text (which may or may not be required).





CCAPro runs on MS Excel, please note the following:


1. To minimise issues related to piracy, the letters included in CCAPro are image files and cannot be edited.

2. CCAPro is locked to one laptop or PC; WINDOWS OS is required to use CCAPro.

3. When CCAPro is launched for the first time, a menu will pop up showing your system’s hardware ID. Please email this ID to office[at] scssinternational [dot] org and we will send you a license key.


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